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Do you want to work as a class escort girl in different places in the United Kingdom? You can register using the form below if you are already 21 years or older. You then apply for a job as an escort girl at Escort Preston. It is an exciting profession with a lot of variation in which you are free to determine when you work and how often you work. You can do it next to your other job or if you are still studying. We also offer you the full-time option.

The wishes of Escort Preston customers are many and different. Customers ask for companions with whom they can relax, who want to go to a dinner date or an evening out. Others want ladies who are good with their hands for a relaxed erotic body to body massage. Certainly there are also customers who want a horny sex date or an exciting striptease show. You determine which services you wish to provide, so you are not obliged to do anything. Escort Preston will not oblige you to do what you do not want to do. We also understand your wishes for regions where you may or may not want to work.

What you can expect from us as your employer

We would like to state that we have been offering these services for many years and therefore have a good dose of experience. In this way we have also gained a significant customer base and we will endeavour to make you more known. You can choose from an online profile on our website where your face and any tattoo will be unclear. If you want to remain anonymous because of your privacy, we fully understand this. We are a long-term escort agency and will also let you become known to customers nationwide. You are supposed to receive many appointments. Your safety is absolutely guaranteed while working. You will be picked up at home by a reliable driver from us. He transports you to your customer and waits for you during the date. Then he will transport you home safely.

Furthermore, we are a legal escort agency so we only work with ladies who are already 21 or older. We register you with the tax authorities, where your earnings are kept neatly and tax is paid on you. The opting-in scheme. The money you receive is therefore your net salary and you have nothing to fear from difficult administrative tasks.

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Earn more money by providing extra escort services

If customers want to request additional services, including anal sex, threesome, pee sex and SM, they have to pay extra for this. This means that you as an escort girl also earn more. Do you like it and find it an adventure to offer these extra services? We would like to see it via the registration form. We indicate it on your online profile so that customers can see which services you offer. And so you can quickly earn a lot of money.

The ladies we are looking for

Escort Preston is a completely legal escort agency and therefore operates with the required permits. That is why we only look for ladies who want to legally provide escort services. If you are at least 21 years old, have a valid European passport and have a good knowledge of the English language, we want you!

Experience is not required because you will be professionally guided by us.

Our escort girls are expected to satisfy customers and spontaneously provide the customer with an unforgettable date. As an escort girl you always arrive as discreetly as possible at the customer. You also ensure that you arrive at the customer in a neat and well-groomed manner.

After you register via our registration form on this page, we will contact you for a personal conversation. During the conversation we can certainly give you more explanation. Also provide you with more information and questions you have answered.